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Who We Are

Hanging Rock Lookout in Nowra NSW.

TJSfinancial is a practise located in the south coast of NSW servicing the surrounding area and beyond. Tor Janes is the business owner and has lived in the Shoalhaven for over 10 years. Tor holds the following qualifications:

  • University Degree - Double Major in Economics and Finance
  • Diploma of Financial Services – Financial Planning
  • Specialist SMSF Adviser accreditation
  • Tax ( Financial ) Adviser registered with the Australian Government Tax Practitioners Board.

He is also a registered Justice of the Peace ( JP) with NSW.

Tor has extensive experience in the finance area, being employed by a large blue chip company for over 15 years before making a change to advise clients in his own setting. Tor has dealt with people from all walks of life, knows the ins and outs of the finance arena, and will take the time to explain how he can help and what value he can provide in terms of advice. This may be a hourly meeting on a particular strategy, or it may be a full financial plan covering off areas such as cash flow planning, retirement planning and wealth protection strategies. Tor is flexible on what he can provide depending on the client’s needs and wants.

Advice and Finance can be complex, Tor aims to simplify this for you and be there to help and explain things when you need it.

Before you see an adviser one thing to consider is how much is your time worth? Sure many people try to DIY financial planning these days, however what opportunity cost are you losing? Time with the family for example, or with friends, you can’t put a price on that, so while you are tapping away comparing super funds and insurance companies on-line, you may be saving a few bucks here and there but what about the time you are spending on it? Why not spend a hour or so a year with a professional and leave the financial planning tasks such as comparing and ensuring products and strategies actually suit your goals and objectives to us, after all , that’s what we do all day!

Tor has a small client base to ensure he doesn’t lose touch with people and can handle servicing clients properly. There are advisers out there with for example 800 or 900 clients each , to offer a good quality service you just can’t take on this many people. Therefore before you sign a agreement to be a client, the need for the on-going relationship will be discussed, if you require on-going advice the particular client service agreement will be discussed with you for your consideration. Fees for financial advice can be tax deductable personally, or to the investments themselves that pay tax. Tor operates on a fee for service or other basis as explained in the FSG which is located under the tab important information.

As a business TJSfinancial specialises in personalised advice, we don’t offer general advice with no paperwork to back up our recommendations, as we stand by any advice we give.

All recommendations are thoroughly thought out, alternatives are considered, the advice is personalised to you. We only offer personalised advice so we can ensure the clients are getting good quality advice that they will tell others about, and also that the advice itself is in that particular clients best interests. This is different from example the advice you may receive from a superannuation fund that can only offer advice on its own products, this is where advisers such as myself that are not constrained to one in house product are so valuable.

We offer advice on strategies and products in the following areas:

  • Personal Insurance – Life Insurance, TPD Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Income Protection, Business Expense Insurance. Choice of fee for service with commission rebated or alternative of commission payment from the product itself. This can help with those that can’t afford to pay upfront for advice, however need help with protecting their life’s, income and earning capacity.
  • Superannuation – Strategic and product advice. Wholesale no commission managed funds. Fee for service, Flat or Percentage based depending on needs and complexity
  • Investments – Many types of investments, inheritances, lump sums, ETP payments, Share Investments, Managed Fund Investments, Investment Bonds, Cash Deposits, Annuities .
  • Retirement Planning – Strategic advice on what you need and how to get there, annual reviews, updates on legislation.
  • Aged Care Advice – helping look at alternatives for care, means tested fees, how to work out the bond needed, how to finance the accommodation bond, granny flats.
  • Centrelink Advice – maximising benefits, help with forms, help with dealing with centrelink.

TJS also offers hourly advice, you just want to discuss a particular issues and want a third party that is independent of your situation to bounce ideas off? That’s us!

Discounts are available for pensioners, and we offer a service to help partially or fully disabled people claim TPD payments from superannuation funds.

With TJSfinancial you get:

  • Personalised advice
  • A contact to bounce ideas off and to discuss big financial decisions with
  • Updates every 3 months, going through new legislative updates, news, market updates and other really useful information
  • A personalise service, as you deal with the person that owns this business.
  • To support a local business owned by a long term local resident who spends money in Nowra on himself and his family to help support to local industries.

Tor Janes - B.Bus (Econ/Fin) Dip. FP – Principal Adviser
(ASIC Authorised Representative No: 343430)

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Tor Janes ABN 53 896 161 038 [t/a TJSfinancial] is an Authorised Representative of Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd ABN 47 097 797 049, who holds an AFSL and Australian Credit Licence No. 236523.