Providing high quality personalised service and tailored financial advice to suit your individual needs.

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Here at TJSfinancial we aim to provide high quality personalised service and tailored financial advice to suit your individual needs.

What is Financial Advice?

Saving – Making a budget, setting saving goals.

Investing – Investing inside and outside of superannuation to build wealth. Tax effective Investing. Goal based investing.

Budgeting – Weekly and Monthly Budgeting, understanding your particular cash flows.

Protecting Assets and way of life – Personal tailored insurances for singles, couples and children.

Transferring Assets – Estate management, use of family trusts.

Financial advice covers anything to do with money, saving money, making money and protecting money.

Service Offering

Here at TJS we work for our clients, and we charge according to what type or level of advice and service our clients require. We have fixed fee service offering and a percentage based offering for advice, you can pay for advice directly or through some products. Please contact us for more information. All service levels receive access to your adviser during business hours, quarterly newsletters and the extra services can be tailored from there.

We offer advice in the following areas:

  • Personal Insurance Protection
    We offer all types of personal insurance such as Life Insurance , Trauma Insurance and Total and Permanent Disability Insurance and income Protection Insurance for individuals. We shop around to ensure you get a tailored policy. We offer access to stepped and level premiums, the ability to hold insurance in different vehicles such as SMSF. We also work closely with business owners looking to protect their investments in businesses via buy sell agreements and key person insurance. We can rebate commission and work for fee for service for this insurance, whatever suits the client. Here at TJSfinancial we not only help set up your insurances we are your claim advocates as well. After sales service is very important to us.
  • Superannuation
    We offer a consolidation service, we offer access to wholesale managed funds and platforms which do not pay commission. Our fees are very transparent and we will always provide advice in a written format for you.
  • Retirement Planning
    How much do I need to retire, what assets should I keep or sell, when can I retire, will I get the aged pension, how long will my money last, where should I invest it? These are all questions we need answered at some stage of life. We are here to guide and help you with this planning. This can be done on a strategic basis, you don’t need to have products with us for us to give you advice.
  • Estate Planning
    The importance of having binding nominations on investments cannot be underestimated. We will work with your lawyer to ensure your final wishes are documented and that the nominations for your superannuation and insurances are going to the people you want them to.
  • Aged Care and Centrelink
    Do you know what level of care you or your family will require? How much will it cost? How will other payments effect it? What village or home can I go into? We can help plan for the bond that is needed for most retirement homes, we can do comparisons such as should we sell or keep the family home and rent it out? We help with Centrelink forms and even go to Centrelink with you if you want us to.
  • Budgeting
    A good budget is the basis for any financial success, let us help you plan your cash flows for now and the future.
  • Workplace Presentations
    If you are a worker or a boss and want us to come in and do a presentation on a certain subject we can do this for you. This can be a great HR initiative, as the employees will feel valued.

The extra services we provide are as follows however not limited to:

  • Access to research
  • Budgeting software and monitoring
  • Set amount of hours of advice included in service agreements
  • Holding of safe custody documents for you in fire proof filing cabinets
  • Invites to special events
  • Educational seminars
  • Working with your other specialists for example accountant or lawyer or stockbroker

What Does It Cost to Have a Statement of Advice (Financial Plan) Prepared?

The cost of a Statement of Advice is highly variable depending upon your personal situation. For this reason, we do not advertise a fee schedule.

It would be remiss of us to make an assumption about your personal circumstances, financial situation and personal risk, goals and aspirations without first meeting with you.

Please read our Financial Services Guide which provides an outline of our fees and services.

Basically there are the following fees that apply:

  1. Fee Based on collating the information from you, researching and providing the statement of advice.
  2. Implementation Fee – This fee is charged when you enter a product, TJSfinancial does not charge a implementation fee on products (excludes Annuities).
  3. Ongoing Service Fee – you and Tor agree on what services you require on a ongoing basis, for example a review every 12 months, access to a cash flow budget, and reviewing your investments or insurances in a timely manner.

In the case of insurance only deals, usually the insurance providers pay us to place the business, the amount they pay is basically the same, so there is no incentive to choose one over the other. The incentive however is to make sure the policy we advise you to get is one that you will keep for a long time into the future, so its in both our benefit to get the correct policy. Commission can be rebated, if so the charge for the statement of advice for the insurance only will be based on an hourly rate and charged directly to you. In this case the premiums will usually be slightly lower for you.

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